Half a million dollars!  Did you know that is the annual budget for Grace PreSchool? There are 72 students being served at our GUMC preschool. Grace Preschool hires high quality teachers, and also trains a wide variety of preschool student teachers. Our free 4-year old program is funded by the State of Iowa. Des Moines Public Schools provide a stable base of financing from the State Universal Pre-K funding, however, the state and DMPS school budgets are not on the same timeline as our church budget.

The Grace Preschool budget has historically contributed in a variety of ways. We have been blessed that GUMC Preschool funds have been able to support the updating of the church playground ($37,000), and contributed to the new computer server ($10,000). This in addition to the monthly $600 usage fee and $910 a month for the preschool’s cleaning service. The preschool budget occasionally shares other maintenance improvements.

We also are blessed with fellowship contributions. Last week a new preschool parent (a doctor) volunteered to help in our medical clinic. Preschool families frequently visit our worship services, which is always a delight to see. The latest data from the school district shows that children who attended preschool programs have SIGNIFICANTLY higher scores in kindergarten for reading and cognitive skills. Grace Methodist is fulfilling a mission to get local youngsters and families off to a positive start. Thanks for caring, Grace!!

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