The Renovation Committee is pleased to update the Grace congregation on the progress in meeting the building priorities enabled by your renovation contributions.

Audio/Visual Improvements:  A $165,000 donation will enable the installation of a new sanctuary sound system and larger sound and video booth in the rear of balcony.  The new audio system will be completed in October, followed shortly by the video addition.

Paint/Carpet/Bathroom Additions:  Renovation projects in excess of $50,000 are required by the Polk County Water Reclamation Authority (WRA) to implement system upgrades to intercept grease in the wastewater before it is released back into the public waste system.  The Renovations Committee is seeking approval of a lower cost grease control alternative in order to help get the renovation project within budget.  If the WRA approves, the Committee will implement a less expensive grease capture and move forward with the installing the evevator, the planned painting and re-carpeting in the entry and narthex areas and installation of bathrooms in the Activity Center.

Elevator and Preschool Security:  The Renovation Committee is considering options to reduce construction costs associated with the new elevator, minimize construction disruptions to the preschool, and meet emerging parental concerns about preschool security. In conjunction with the elevator construction, security will be enhanced by consolidating preschool classrooms in southwest wing and establishing a dedicated entrance on that end of the building.  To achieve remaining building priorities, the Committee is also studying funding options beyond congregational fundraising, including pursuit of historic  tax credits in the range of $100,000 to $175,000 through the Iowa Department of Economic Development.  We are optimistic about this opportunity because other local churches have recently benefited from this state program.           

When the results of our current work are known and before anything is finalized there will be  a presentation to the congregation asking for approval to move forward.

Even though there are no jackhammers digging yet, the Renovation Committee is working diligently to fulfill what we pledged to do.  We appreciate your patience and continued donations to the renovation to fulfill your pledge.  We too look forward to the project’s completion and stand ready to answer any questions you may have.


Grace Renovation Committee

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