To: The Lay and Clergy Members of the Iowa Delegation to the 2024 General Conference.

We are members of the community at Grace United Methodist Church in Des Moines. We represent different races, generations, physical and mental abilities, genders, sexual orientations, economic conditions, and—perhaps most importantly—stages in our spiritual journeys.

Alongside our diversity, we have many things in common; among them, we are writing to let you know that we are supporting you through our prayers as we encourage you to work for and vote in favor of:

  1. The New Revised Social Principles.
  2. Removing the “Incompatibility Language” from the Book of Discipline.
  3. Removing all legislation banning same-sex weddings.
  4. Removing all legislation banning the ordination and appointment of self-avowed practicing homosexuals.
  5. Support legislation to make amends for the harm we have done in the past and begin a process of healing and reconciliation.
  6. A Regionalization plan that allows for missional autonomy for all regions of the church

We are confident that you will embody Christian love on our behalf as you attend the General Conference as our representatives. Thank you for doing your part in putting an end to the harm that The United Methodist Church has done and taking steps to bring healing and wholeness for
our LGBTQIA+ members, clergy, and community.

Please know that we offer you our prayers and our support as you represent us in Charlotte, North Carolina. May God lead you there in safety, guide you in your service, and return you home in peace

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