Project Based Learning

In-depth investigation of real-world topics
What is Project Based Learning?
Project Based Learning is the in-depth investigation or research of real world topics (trees, pets, wheels). It includes highly motivated activities and experiences that allow for a student to be active participant in his/her own learning.

Why are we doing Project Based Learning?
Both themes and units have an important place in early childhood curriculum. However, they are not substitutes for projects, in which children ask questions that guide the investigation and make decisions about the activities to be undertaken. Unlike themes units, the topic of a project is a real phenomenon that children can investigate directly, rather than mainly through library research. Project topics draw children’s attention to questions such as: How do things work? What do people do? What tools do people use?

Possible Project Topics for the Year

  • Families
  • Trees
  • Pumpkins
  • Robots
  • Water
  • Snow
  • Gardens
  • Pets
  • Buildings
  • Pizza
  • Lunch
  • Wheels

How can parents and families get involved?

  • Share knowledge of the topics (Gardner comes in and demonstrates gardening, Chef or Home Cook demonstrate cooking, Author shares the writing process)
  • Bring in materials related to themes (family photos, rake, old cookie pan etc.)
  • Volunteer time in the classroom or on field trips.
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