Youth Group Director

Position Currently Open at Grace United Methodist Church

Grace United Methodist Church is hiring a part-time youth director to lead and develop our student ministry. As a reconciling congregation, Grace is inclusive, welcoming, thoughtful, and faithful. To apply for this position, please send a cover letter and resume to Rev. Nate Nims at



Effective: 1/1/2022
Status: Part-Time, Salaried (60-80 hours per month)
Salary: $20,000 – $24,000
Supervisor: Pastor/SPRC, Youth Council

Job Summary

Directs and leads the middle and high school youth group. Plan lessons, volunteer opportunities, fundraisers, annual dinner drama, and trips such as winter ski trip, Wesley Heritage Tour, and summer work trips, while working in coordination with parents, volunteers, and youth council.

Essential Functions (include but are not limited to):

  • Plans, leads, and coordinates youth group and youth events at Grace
  • Leads summer youth work trip (typically 9-10 days)
  • Leads and helps to plan Wesley Heritage Tour to England/Europe
  • Maintains safe-sanctuary practices for the safety and support of youth, staff, and volunteers
  • Regularly works with pastor, education staff, education committee, and youth council
  • Attend staff and other meetings as available
  • Regular communication with pastor, staff, and congregation
  • Provides appropriate care to youth and families during and outside of youth programming as available
  • Communicates care needs with pastoral staff as needed
  • Coordinate with, and assist, music, education, and other church staff as needed

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Develop, plan, organize, and lead youth group activities
  2. Develop and maintain connections with the youth and their families
  3. Ability to invest in and be a part of the ministry of Grace including regular attendance at Sunday morning worship (as work hours)
  4. Maintain effective communication with the youth, families and congregation regarding events and activities through calendars, emails, newsletters, announcements and social media
  5. Recruit, train, and work with volunteers while adhering to safe sanctuary policie


  1. A personal faith that can be communicated and shared
  2. Demonstrates a desire to work with and develop relationships with youth and their families
  3. Willingness to develop healthy relationships with staff, parents, and volunteers
  4. Committed to working well with others
  5. Undergraduate degree preferred
  6. Youth ministry leadership experience preferred
  7. Music experience preferred but not required
  8. Good organizational and communication skills