Dinner for Eight

Yeah! Dinner for Eight is back!  And you have a chance to meet new friends at Grace, deepen connections with one another, and enjoy a variety of meals and hospitality!

How it Works:

  • Eight people will meet to share a meal at least four times.  You can meet people every month throughout the year if you wish.
  • Participants pair up to host or help for one of the meals.
  • You may host at your home, the church, or a restaurant (each pays their own).
  • You’re invited to sign up on your own, with a friend, or with a spouse.

Choose from Six Gatherings:

  • Sunday Noon
  • Sunday Night
  • Monday Night
  • Wednesday Noon
  • Friday Night
  • Saturday Night

Sign Up for Dinner for Eight

  • We will send you an email or a note letting you know when and where your first Dinner for Eight will meet.
  • First Choice
  • Second Choice
  • Third Choice
  • In October a staff member or volunteer will join your group to talk about Grace and its future.
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