Inquirer's Class

Grace 101 for New Members

The Inquirer’s Class serves as an introduction to membership at Grace. Throughout the four-week class participants will learn about the United Methodist Church, become familiar with specific ministries at Grace, and will discover how to become an active and engaged member of the church.  The classes will cover the following topics:

* Who are we and what do we believe?

* What does it mean to become a member of this church?

* Who are Methodists anyway?

* What are the ministry opportunities at this church?

Three simple rules for living the Christian life have guided Methodist Christians for nearly 300 years. More information about these rules can be found at 3 Simple Rules.

The Inquirer’s Class is offered three times a year. If you’re interested in joining the next class, contact our Christian Education Director, Coreen Witke.


Greet Our Newest Members

John Coon

Maria Downs

Maya Johnston

Terry Rains


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