Sunday School for All Ages

At Grace we believe that our faith formation begins at birth and continues our entire lives. Our Sunday School classes meet at 9 a.m. on Sunday mornings September through May. The Sunday School year kicks off with our Rally Day celebration the second Sunday of September. Here is a summary of the classes offered for our younger members of the congregation.


Meets in Room 201 of the Education Wing and is led by Sharon King and Mikaela King.


Meets in Room 204 of the Education Wing and is led by Cyndy Miller, Carrie Naumann, Heather Wilcoxson, and Apryl DeLange. Every other year this class has a multi-week Worship Unit in the spring of the year. During the Worship Unit the class explores the sanctuary, learns the various parts of the worship service, discusses various kinds of prayer, and learns about the staff members who help make everything possible. At the end of the unit the 1st grade students receive a prayer shawl to help remind them to talk to God whenever it is needed.


Meets in Room 207 of the Education Wing and is led by Jane Emry Becker and Deb Pope. The 2nd grade year is a memorable one during Sunday School at Grace. The year begins with the Creation Unit where they learn all about the things God has created. They make their own banners throughout the unit which they then take home. The next unit is the Jesus as a Boy Unit where they explore what life was like when Jesus was their age. There are very few stories in the Bible about Jesus growing up, but during this unit the children are immersed in the culture of that time. They create a Bible village, play dreidel games, and learn about the schools Jesus attended. To conclude the unit, they host an open house for their parents to show them all they learned. At the end of the Sunday School year they study John Wesley, the founder of Methodism.


Meets in Room 301 of the Education Wing and is led by Martha Squire and Debbie Dean. The third Sunday of September is set aside as the day that the 3rd grade class receives their Bibles with their names inscribed in them. They then spend the next couple of months learning the structure of the Bible and how to use it. Once the Bible unit concludes they begin using the Deep Blue Sunday School curriculum that the other classes use.


Meets in Room 305 of the Education Wing and is led by Shari Stucker, Alice Guerrero, and Natalie Burnham.