40th Annual Thanksgiving Ingathering

Saturday, November 2nd
it’s that time of year again!  The Ingathering team is working on behalf of the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) to gather donations for school and hygiene kits.
The kits are distributed during times of disaster as humanitarian relief.  Recently, kits have been used in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and the US, including stated that have suffered wild fires.  Kits also went to Syrian refugees in Europe.  Sove recipients have changed due to volatile locations, but the need is everywhere.
There is a box in the coat room off the Narthex for donations.  Please review the specific UMCOR requirements below, as a couple of things have changed.  We want the donations to be usable, so please follow the instructions.  Thank you all in advance and God Bless.

School Kit Materials

  • One pair blunt scissors
    • Round tip metal only
    • No plastic scissors
  • One box of 24 crayons
    • Only 24-count boxes are accepted
  • Three one-subject notebooks
    • No marble composition books
    • No 3 or 5-subject notebooks
  • One pack of loose-leaf paper
    • Wide or collage rule accepted
    • 100-200 page packets are acceptable
  • One hand-held pencil sharpener
    • One inch or longer
    • Remove from packaging
  • One sturdy or flexible ruler
    • 12 inches or 30 centimeters long
    • Sturdy or flexible material accepted
  • Six unsharpened pencils
  • One eraser
    • Two or larger
  • One two-gallon re-sealable plastic bag

Hygiene Kit Materials

  • One hand towel (15 x 25 – 17 x 27 inches)
    • No kitchen, cleaning or microfiber towels
  • One washcloth 
    • No kitchen, cleaning or microfiber towels
  • One comb
    • Must be sturdy with at least 6 inches of teeth
    • No pocket combs or picks
    • Rattail and combs without handles are acceptable but must have at least 6 inches of teeth
  • One toenail or fingernail clipper
    • No emery boards or metal nail files
  • Bath-size soap (3 or. bar or larger)
    • No Ivory or Jergens Soap
    • Do not remove from packaging
  • One adult toothbrush
    • Do not remove from packaging
    • Personal advertising not acceptable
  • Ten adhesive bandages (3/4 by 3 inches)
    • Common household bandages acceptable
  • One one-gallon size re-sealable bag