Our Sanctuary

The Christian Service Window

Dedicated: September 14, 1969

The Great West Window fills the Sanctuary with light of the red cross in the afternoon.  Below the cross are figures of the gospel writers Luke and John, along with their symbols at the bottom of the window. Luke as a winged ox and John as an eagle.

In the top of the window are the symbols of the six aspects of ministry that Jesus emphasised and recorded in the 25th chapter of the gospel of Matthew

  • Bread for “When I was hungry you gave me food”
  • The Cup for “When I was thirsty you gave me drink”
  • Hand Clasps for “When I was a stranger you welcomed me”
  • Cloak for “When I was naked you clothed me”
  • Healing for “When I was ill you came to help”
  • Free Man for “When I was in prison you visited me”

The faces around the cross represent the mission of the church to the all the world and all the races.  The images at the bottom are of the pioneering church.  Circuit rider, Ecumentical Seal, Pitcher and Basin and Log Cabin first Church in Iowa.

The Disciples Window

Dedicated: January 29, 1967

The Great East Window fills the Sanctuary with light of the blue cross in the morning.  Below the arms of the cross are figures of the gospel writers Matthew and Mark, along with their symbols at the bottom of the window.  Matthew as a winged man and Mark as a winged lion.

Around the cross are the symbols of the twelve disciples:

  • Keys to the Kingdom for Peter
  • Three Scallops for James
  • Chalice for John
  • X Cross for Andrew
  • Basket and Towel for Philip
  • Knife for Bartholomew
  • Square and Lance for Thomas
  • Saw for James the Lesser
  • Purses for Matthew
  • Sailboat for Jude or Thaddeus
  • Fish on a Hook for Simon
  • Double Edged Axe and Bible for Mathias


Sanctuary Banners

Added Summer, 2018

Borromean Rings

The three interlocking circles symbolize the Holy Trinity.


The empty Latin Cross is a symbol of Christ’s death and resurrection.

Ichthys or Christian Fish

The fish was an early symbol for Jesus and his followers. Its use was based on the Greek word for fish that was also an acronym for the phrase “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior.”


The dove is a Biblical symbol of the Holy Spirit, of peace, Pentecost, and baptism.

Alpha & Omega

The first and last letter of the Greek alphabet and are a Biblical description symbolizing the eternal Jesus as the first and the last.


Wheat and grapes in the background symbolize the elements of Communion, which is served the first Sunday of every month.